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About Us 

Our Philosophy

Renovators ReSource Inc. was started in August of 1994 to serve the demand for both a retail warehouse and a disposal facilty for used building materials.

It is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where typical housing is between 50 and 120 years old, but buildings up to 200 years old can still be found. We now gather materials from all over the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island) and we ship materials to other parts of Canada, the United States on a regular basis.

Our basic philosophy is to "preserve and enhance our building heritage", and the following are some of the things we do to try and achieve this.
  • educating homeowners and contractors about the environmental benefits of reusing building materials;

  • providing an outlet for low-cost retailing of reclaimed building materials;

  • dismantling structures to make the most effective use of reusable material;

  • showcasing innovative reuses of building materials.

To provide the most efficient service, we offer the following:
  • Large, well-organized retail warehouse (5,000 sq. ft.).

  • Quality, pre-owned materials at very affordable prices;

  • Dismantling of residential, commercial and industrial facilities;

  • Electronic inventory - call us with material requests. If we don't have it, we'll find it for you!

  • Advice on repair, refinishing or installation of used building materials.

  • World Wide Shipping.

  • We accept VISA, Mastercard, Debit Cards & Cash.
If there are any services that you need that we do not presently offer, please contact us. We're always looking for ways to serve you better!

2457 Maynard St, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 3V2
Phone: (902) 429 3889 Fax: (902) 425 6795 Toll Free: (877) 230 7700