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The Resourceful Renovator Book 

The Resourceful Renovator Book
A Gallery of Ideas for Reusing Building Materials

"Every once in a while, a book comes our way about building and the environment that just about anyone will find practical and delightful" - Environmental Building News

"There's solid information here for daydreams that the glassy mags canít even imagine. Information about the materials, and the aesthetic and environmental advantage of reusing materials puts a new spin on the practice of scouring the neighbourhood on garbage nights for cast-offs" - Atlantic Books Today, Globe Mail

From an expert in the field comes a timely book on the growing trend of environmentally-friendly renovation. Wood, stone, metal, glass, brick and ceramic can create absolute beauty in the home while considering the wellbeing of the environment. Covering the entire process of renovations, Jennifer will show you how to most effectively and affordably choose the most appropriate building materials.

Starting with the principles of sustainable design and a checklist of what to consider when reusing certain materials leads to helpful research tips on where to find these salvaged materials. Analysis of different types of materials, and their histories will interest anyone ready to take on a building project.

The book even covers many success stories as inspiration for your project including Jenniferís own $62 bathroom renovation.

The Resourceful Renovator is simply chock full of educational information, stimulating ideas and the inspiration of creating beauty in our homes while living lightly on our delicate planet.

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